How can you become an AI-first translation agency?

Smartcat: the all-in-one, AI-first translation platform

Beyond TMS, beyond CAT. Workflows built for AI Actions™

Why is Smartcat different than any other translation solution on the market?

AI-first means every workflow is optimized for AI translation

Ease of use and unlimited seats makes it choice #1 for both agencies and enterprises alike

AI-sourcing of linguists from a proprietary marketplace makes scaling on demand simple and cost-effective

Traditional CAT and TMS tools are not designed for the age of AI and don’t go beyond simple machine translation and post editing workflows. Enterprise clients expect more from their vendors. AI should also help agencies automate internal, manual operations such as project & vendor account management.

Now instead of 3-4 different licenses across various translation tools, Smartcat handles it all from website and product localization to translation of multimedia files and any type of document.

Automate your back office

Streamlined project & account management in one platform

When using both a CAT and a TMS tool at the same time, the automation process breaks because of a lack of integration between the two: content must be moved manually from one system to the other. Beyond this gap, a TMS or CAT tool on its own only scratches the surface of automation versus what AI can do to automate manual processes such as AI-sourcing of linguists, project management through automation of assignments and automated project control.

With Smartcat’s all-in-one solution you will streamline project and account management on a single platform, and automate most of used-to-be-manual things with AI, such as vendor sourcing, project assignment, tracking and delivery.

AI translation automation and quality control

Start and finish every translation with AI, with a human-in-the-loop when required. The best of MT and generative AI engines accessible for different workflows with no effort. This enables translation efficiency and takes your throughput to the next level:

On-the-fly customization of automatic translation to provide for high quality output without cumbersome integrations or customization of different engines

AI terminology control in line with glossaries

Style and tone of voice customization using AI and according to a customer preferences: just make a new preset for AI explaining what a customer wants in natural language (e.g. it should be playful and natural for Japanese teens)

Any custom QA check for a customer can now be implemented with only a few clicks via AI Actions and then used as a standard preset in a project template for the future jobs

AI quality score and initial LQA by AI for final checks, building reports or to draw an expert linguist’s attention to specific problems

Vendor payment automation

Say goodbye to the tedious process of paying hundreds of linguists across the globe every month. In Smartcat, it’s all automated—send one invoice a month to pay an unlimited number of vendors anywhere in the world. Gone is the manual work of job calculations, negotiations with vendors and reconciling payment methods.

AI linguist sourcing on-demand

Smartcat’s AI will suggest linguists for any project by analyzing and matching content to prior translations and guarantee SLAs. More than 500,000 linguists are available for you on-demand in Smartcat’s proprietary marketplace. This will save you from needing full-time employees to focus on vendor sourcing, testing, rate negotiations, and onboarding.

Integrations and automated content exchange

You can’t maintain reasonable turnaround times for clients if you exchange content manually. You need ready-to-use integrations to push content to you automatically, and then go through pre-selected workflows. This can only be possible with end-to-end automation via all-in-one platform like Smartcat, that also offers you unlimited access to all connectors.

AI language services your customers need

AI document translation

Clients need AI for fast, high quality translation of critical content without going through a standard agency ordering process.

With Smartcat, agencies can set up a self-service portal for each client, into which projects can be submitted for both AI translations and for ordering human post-editing services from you. Smartcat will enable it for your customers per your request, and you will get revenue sharing from each customer subscription, increasing a margin per customer.

Using Smartcat’s AI translation, agencies can use client-specific TMs built over years to immediately produce much higher AI translation quality output than the customer would get using stock engines such as DeepL or Google.

As forward thinking agencies know, AI translation doesn’t cannibalize their business, but rather grows it due to client demand. Without it, customers will simply find alternatives.

AI website translation

Clients want on-the-fly website translation or CMS integrations to run multiple marketing programs in parallel and rapidly test different content in different languages. Traditional processes can simply not keep up, so clients turn to specialized tools, putting your expansion and even retention efforts at risk. With Smartcat, agencies can use AI translation for any website generating incremental revenue from a technology sale, while still managing all human post-editing workflows, to grow retention and expand revenues.

Video translation and voice-over

Smartcat’s AI Video translation with burned-in subtitles makes multimedia translation simple. Currently under development is our AI voice-over capabilities.

UI and software localization

Smartcat’s tools for software localization include a Figma plug-in and support for software strings.

AI content generation in different languages

With Smartcat, agencies can now generate new contextually relevant content for their customers on-demand, in any language and that reflect clients’ brand, tone of voice and terminology. You can also enable AI contextual content generation for your customers in Smartcat.

How can you become an AI-first agency?

Smartcat: the all-in-one, AI-first translation platform


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