AI translation software for schools

High-quality, fast, budget-friendly translation for educational authorities in an easy-to-use, centralized platform.

Smartcat positions educational language access coordinators to achieve:

Fully accessible multilingual communication to meet growing demand and new languages

10x higher translation volumes within the same budget

3x faster translation turnaround times faster than before

Thanks to Smartcat, we were able to at least double our team’s productivity. Automation helped our publishing team in a big way: it’s hard to quantify the time that we saved on file exchange.

Peggy Liao

Language Access Program and Policy Specialist, City of Seattle Government

Provide an accessible, multilingual experience for students, parents, and your community

Educational translation

Get educational materials and communications to ensure accessibility and inclusivity for students

School district documentation translation

Translate various documents such as policies, forms, and communications to ensure multilingual access and understanding

Get expertly translated school documents

Smartcat brings the best of AI translation and human translators together for a superior translation workflow and outcome.

Smartcat Marketplace houses 500,000 vetted linguists that can accurately translate, proofread, and edit your school documentation – always on time and within your budget. You can track task progress within our user-friendly project management tool, and export translations and edited work in seconds.

Hire vetted linguists

Upgrade to superior translation quality and consistency

Smartcat AI+human translation workflows generate unrivaled levels of quality in a consistent manner

An AI automatic translation engine, translation memories, and glossaries power every single translation. As a result, the Smartcat platform learns from your edits, meaning that each subsequent translation is more accurate.

Before long, you can achieve 95%+ automatic translation accuracy. Smartcat Marketplace then enables you to hire subject matter expert linguists in seconds to edit your AI translation.

A single sign-on translation solution for ease and organization

Smartcat is one central system of record, saving and syncing your school district’s translations across the programs and apps that you use. A change in one system triggers updates in all others, meaning quality and consistency are cast-iron guaranteed.

Integrates with any app and supports all file formats

80+ supported file formats

XLIFF, PDF, JPG, VTT, SVT, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Slides, Word, Excel, and many more.

30+ integrations

Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive, Windows, MacOS, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and many more! And with Smartcat REST API, any integration is possible!

Budget-saving technology for global companies

Original language

Target language

Number of words

Your savings with Smartcat


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Why Smartcat?

A user-friendly platform made for everyone

Whatever your technical skill set, using Smartcat is a breeze. It requires little onboarding and offers you a wealth of simple translation tools to help you get multilingual content fast and within budget.

The best of AI translation and human workflows

Smartcat is the AI translation and human workflows platform trusted by over 1,500 organizations, including educational authorities and municipal governments. AI translation means that documents are instantly translated in minutes.

Quality assurance

Adaptive AI translates all types of content in minutes and can automatically assign a best-match, vetted translator for post-editing from the Smartcat Marketplace, the largest global translator network, with 500,000+ linguists.

School-compliant encryption and data security

Smartcat is SOC-II enterprise-compliant and cybersecure. Our account management teams are there for you each step of the way.

School district translation FAQ

What is professional translation and educational translation?

Professional translation refers to the process of translating written content from one language to another by skilled translators who have expertise in the subject matter and linguistic nuances. They ensure accuracy, clarity, and cultural appropriateness in the translation.
Educational translation is a specialized form of professional translation that focuses on translating educational materials, documents, and resources. This includes textbooks, lesson plans, assessment materials, policies, and other educational content. Educational translators understand the unique terminology and context of the education field, ensuring accurate and effective translations for educational purposes.

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What types of school documents need to be translated for multilingual and multicultural parents of school children?

Various types of school documents should be translated to ensure effective communication with multilingual and multicultural parents. These may include enrollment forms, student handbooks, school policies, consent forms, progress reports, report cards, parent-teacher conference materials, disciplinary documents, school event announcements, newsletters, and communication regarding academic and extracurricular activities. By translating these documents, schools can promote parent engagement, understanding, and collaboration in their child's education.

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What kind of benefit do you get with education translation?

Education translation offers several benefits. It enables students and parents with limited English proficiency to fully understand and engage with educational materials, policies, and communications. It promotes equitable access to education, enhances parent-teacher communication, facilitates parental involvement, fosters a sense of belonging, and supports academic success for linguistically diverse students. Education translation ensures inclusivity and equal opportunities for all learners, contributing to a more supportive and effective educational environment.

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What is language support and accessibility and what does this mean for school districts?

Language accessibility refers to making information and services available to individuals with limited English proficiency. For school districts, it means ensuring that language barriers do not hinder students' access to education and parents' engagement in the school community.

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What does a language accessibility coordinator do at school districts?

A language accessibility coordinator is responsible for implementing strategies and policies to ensure language access for students and parents in school districts. They coordinate translation and interpretation services, provide language resources, and promote inclusive practices within the district.

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Why can't I just translate all school documents using Google Translate?

While Google Translate can be a helpful tool for basic translation needs, it is not recommended to rely solely on it for translating important school documents. It can lack accuracy, especially with complex language nuances and specific educational terminology. Professional translators and interpreters ensure accurate and culturally appropriate translations, ensuring effective communication and understanding for all recipients.

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Is Smartcat safe and protects the sensitive data?

Smartcat is a cloud-based translation management platform that provides secure data protection measures. It employs encryption and access controls to safeguard sensitive information, ensuring the safety of data during translation and collaboration processes.

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Why is it so important for school districts to provide multilingual documentation to multicultural parents?

Providing multilingual documentation to multicultural parents is crucial for school districts to promote effective communication and engagement. It helps parents understand important information, participate in their child's education, and fosters a sense of belonging and inclusion within the diverse school community.

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What are some of the ways school districts can be more inclusive to immigrants?

It is important for multi-language or immigrant parents and children to feel included in a school system because inclusivity enhances educational outcomes, fosters positive relationships, promotes cultural understanding, and empowers individuals to fully participate in their education and the school community, ultimately leading to a more equitable and successful educational experience.

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