The all-powerful, intuitive, easy-to-use CAT tool

Smartcat’s CAT (computer-assisted translation) editor combines unique features, including AI and GPT capabilities to help translators boost their productivity and organizations to get higher-quality translations. It’s a free and fast technology for accurate, efficient localization.



with AI+human translation workflows


faster translation turnaround time

with a simplified, automation-led translation lifecycle


average per-word fee

versus USD 0.16 agency average


average platform uptime

with the remaining 0.2% mainly for maintenance

Smartcat’s highly-efficient and stress-free translation environment provides a convenient CAT editor as well as powerful team and project management features.

Ioannis Kassios

Managing Director at Technografia

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Experience the future of language services with GPT-4 on Smartcat

Get hyper-contextual, ultra-precise AI translations with GPT-4 in our industry-leading CAT tool.


Our adaptive AI learns from your content to deliver near-human quality translations, making your content reusable without sacrificing accuracy. Join the AI revolution in translation today!


Our user-configurable workflows ensure a tailored translation experience that meets your unique needs.

Powering translation performance for 1,500+ organizations

In-house teams + freelance translators

We don’t count seats — bring on board as many users as you need at no cost for you. Invite your whole team over, in-house or freelance, so that they can work in a single environment.

Collaborative online CAT tool

No more splitting docs and exchanging emails. Simply upload your files to Smartcat and assign selected contributors to the project. Translators and editors can work on a document simultaneously seeing the full context and communicating in real time.

Synced assets

All project participants have access to constantly updated translation memories, glossaries and quality assurance checks.
The whole team can benefit from reusing centralized, readily available and dynamically updated translation assets.

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Take control of your translation assets

In Smartcat, you can manage projects and tasks without shooting emails back and forth, thereby compromising your data security. You have full control over your data and who can access it.
Safe, secure and reliable, the Smartcat environment can conveniently be accessed from anywhere in the world as it requires nothing more than a browser.

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Our PMs like the fact that they can access all projects in the cloud with complete transparency while our translators love how easy it is to work with translation memories and glossaries in Smartcat.

Julia Emge

Director of Content Creation at expondo

Collaboration without limits

Effortless collaboration

All translators working on a project can work in the CAT editor simultaneously without affecting anyone else’s progress. Every collaborator has access to the continuously updated translation assets and the editor can review and edit the translated segments as soon as they are confirmed, resulting in higher quality and consistency in much less time.

No messy cross-editing

The smart segment-locking mechanism prevents project members from modifying another member’s work while it’s in progress. This means that any segment you’re working on will be inaccessible for other translators or editors until you confirm it.

In-context communication

Segment commenting allows project managers to leave comments for specific segments and translators to ask questions in the right context. For general and administrative questions, translators and editors can communicate with the project manager via the main chat on the platform.

A new level of translation productivity

Translation memories

Translation memories allow translators to boost their productivity and consistency by storing translated segments and reusing them for identical and similar source texts. PMs can configure translation memories and share them across different projects.

Automatic AI Translation

Smartcat supports a dozen of latest-generation neural MT engines from different providers. PMs can choose the best engines depending on the language pair and domain. You can set the MT output to show up as a suggestion or to automatically populate all segments for post-editing.


Easily manage your terminology to ensure it is up-to-date and consistent. Translators can suggest new terms for you to approve. Greenlight or reject translations and terms and add customizable metadata. Smartcat detects terms in all morphological forms!


You can set pre-fill translated segments to your preferred combination of translation memory and machine translation suggestions. Adjust the settings to only pretranslate and/or confirm matches above a certain percentage or from certain TMs and the segments will be populated before the translation process begins.

Smartcat has all the features you’d need for a typical CAT tool, without being overly complicated, so we were able to use it quickly and notice quality improvements immediately.

Taylor Matthews

CEO at Mugen Creations


Provide your translators with screenshots or other relevant images by adding them to the segments — this can help you avoid many questions. Additionally, reference fields are available for some file formats, such as string keys for resource files and timecodes for subtitles.

Automated quality assurance

Smartcat’s QA engine checks your translations for nasty typos, missing full stops, incorrect capitalization and other potential errors. You can configure it depending on the content you’re translating by marking certain types of errors as critical. Focus on translating while the QA mechanism follows you along to ensure your translation is error-free.


You won’t have to worry about variables, serial numbers or email addresses being accidentally garbled during translation. By using placeholders you can protect non-translatable text elements from editing to ensure they are transferred safely from the original document to the translation.


Enjoy even more productivity at your fingertips with keyboard shortcuts. If you worked in other CAT tools before, you won’t have to retrain your fingers, as the combinations for common actions are the same in Smartcat.

From the moment the English content is published to the moment the localized version is published, that happens in half the time than it did before.

Nadia Anagnostopoulou

Digital Marketing Manager at Welcome Pickups


It’s web-based

Start translating at home from your Mac and continue at the office on a PC. Wherever you are, whatever OS you use, all you need is a browser to work in Smartcat.

It’s universal

Having tons of different software for different formats is an inconvenience. In Smartcat, you can work with dozens of file types, including those native to other CAT tools, by effortlessly importing them into your account. One tool to parse them all!

It’s easy

Gone are the days when you would have to deploy a server to keep, manage and centralize your translation assets. Your Smartcat account runs in the cloud offering you high availability without any maintenance and instant access to all the resources you store in it without any file size or capacity limitations.

It’s safe

Keeping your backups is important but it doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Smartcat automatically backs up your data to several dedicated servers on a regular basis to ensure that we can recover and restore it as quickly as possible if something bad happens. Which is unlikely as we are proud to maintain an annual uptime of 99.8%.

It’s simple

Smartcat’s powerful features are packed into a friendly and intuitive interface. Forget manuals, start working right out of the box!

It’s reliable

Despite Smartcat’s being web-based, you can continue using it offline if you lose your internet connection. Confirmed segments will be stored in your browser’s local storage until you’re back online.

It’s next door

Smartcat’s servers are located in three different data centers in the US, Ireland and Hong Kong to ensure data safety, improve performance and guarantee availability.

It’s an ecosystem

And if all of that is not enough, you can expand Smartcat’s functionality by integrating it with third-party solutions. Seamlessly connect Smartcat with other applications using our open API to build your custom workflow and manage translation projects in your own special way.

The most powerful, intuitive, high‑quality CAT tool


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