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Get high-quality elearning localization in minutes with Smartcat Language AI
Quality has markedly increased compared with agencies, corrections are much lower, the editing process is faster and less labor-intensive and edits never go to waste because they are saved in the multilingual content library.

Barbara Fedorowicz

Head of translations at Smith & Nephew

The ease of use within Smartcat, the support that Smartcat provides, and the ability to source freelance translators or vendors from within the same platform. Everything I need is in one solution.

Michelle Quirke

Program Engagement Manager at Topcon

Translating our eLearning course content has positioned us to empower our workforce to have the skill set to do their job confidently. Retention levels are up and Smartcat has made this all possible, and we now enjoy a fast, results-driven translation workflow.

Tammy Calhoun

Vice President of Learning and New Restaurant Openings at Firebirds Wood Fired Grill

Smartcat delivers multiple translation KPI improvements


cost savings

With AI translation versus human-based vendors


increased throughput

of translated content with AI human workflows


translation accuracy

From the start that increases with each team edit



ensured by AI translation & human expert review

Translate 80+ file formats

Translate any L&D file type with Smartcat. Just upload your files and you’re ready to translate!

AI video translator

Translate your video files, edit source file text, and get subtitles burned in automatically.

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Translate your files for any course authoring solution

Get high-quality elearning localization in minutes with Smartcat

The #1 rated AI content localization tool

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Cost savings

“Stanley Black & Decker saved 70% on their translation costs when switching to Smartcat.”

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Articulate Rise 360 courses translated

“It was a fast turnaround from the start. It took us less than two weeks to translate a large volume of content. Smartcat made it a lot less stressful for us.”

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Faster turnaround time

“Smith+Nephew accelerated their end-to-end translation turnaround by 400% with Smartcat.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is learning and development translation?

Translation for learning and development, or L&D, sees materials for corporate learning rendered into additional languages. For instance, an L&D department may create a corporate training course in their source language. But if they have a workforce spread across different countries, with various native languages, they may want to translate the course into the additional languages that the workforce speaks.

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How can I translate with AI?

AI translation uses large language models, deep learning, and big data analytics technologies to translate content from one language into another. AI translation typically takes seconds or minutes. 
Translation with Smartcat AI is done by uploading files for translation, choosing source and target languages, and clicking a button labeled “Translate”. The AI translation engine then performs the translation automatically.

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How accurate is Smartcat AI?

Smartcat AI typically starts at approximately 85% accuracy. However, as it gets to know your preferred terminology and style – through automatically created and updated translation memories – accuracy can build to over 95% before long.
With Smartcat Editor, the platform’s internal computer-assisted translation tool, you can then review and edit the AI translation or invite colleagues to do so. You can also hire a subject matter expert translator from Smartcat Marketplace.

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Does Smartcat remember my edits for the future?

Smartcat automatically updates your glossaries and translation memories with every single edit that you make and confirm. Each subsequent translation immediately benefits from this augmented knowledge base. 
All your content, including source and target files, is stored in a central record of multilingual content, within your private Smartcat workspace, which you can access at all times.

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How can I make sure it is using the right terminology?

For your very first translation on Smartcat, you can upload your own translation glossary and memory to ensure that Smartcat AI Translation uses the right terminology. If you don’t have a glossary and memory to upload or simply want to start afresh, Smartcat automatically generates these assets for you on your first translation.
Later on, should you have multiple translation memories and glossaries on your Smartcat workspace, you can choose which of these assets to assign to each new translation project. As a result, you can always make sure that the right terminology is used. 

You can also edit these translation assets manually if you ever want to make terminology changes.

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Which file types does Smartcat support?

Smartcat fully supports over 80 file formats, which is over twice as many as the vast majority of translation service providers. Popular formats that Smartcat supports include DOC, PDF, XLIFF, XML, INDD, XLS, AVI, MP4, and SRT.

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How can I translate my Articulate Rise 360 or Storyline 360 courses?

To translate your courses from Articulate Rise 360 or Storyline 360, you have to first export them in XLIFF file format. Then, make sure that the translation management system that you use is XLIFF-compatible.

With Smartcat, you can translate XLIFF files in five steps.

  1. Upload XLIFF files to Smartcat

  2. AI-translate your XLIFF files

  3. Review your AI translations in Smartcat Editor

  4. Download your completed translations in XLIFF format

  5. Upload translated XLIFF files to Articulate

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Can I translate video files with Smartcat?

Smartcat translates video files with its AI Translation engines and automatically burns in the subtitles in the target translation language(s). You can also edit your video file source language before translating and avail of separation by cues, and live video preview.
Smartcat supports a wide range of video file formats, including AVI, MP4, MPEG,  and MOV. It also supports many audio file formats, which you may also need for video file translation. These formats include MP, AAC, FLAC, and WMA. Lastly, it supports SRT and VTT subtitle file formats.

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How many people from my team can I have on Smartcat?

Smartcat operates an unlimited seats model, at no additional cost per user. As a result, you can invite as many co-workers or third-party linguists as you like and collaborate all together inside your private Smartcat workspace. There is no limit.

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