Why Smartcat is safe to use

Smartcat scales with you: from small teams to large enterprises, from manual control to full automation, from your own linguists to our marketplace of vetted translators.

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Secure cloud storage

By accommodating your data in the cloud, you can be sure of its safety. Intruders wouldn’t be able to access it in the case that your computer is stolen or exposed to a virus. Even if your computer is broken, all of your data will be safe and available for you.

Your data is exclusively yours

We considered any improper manipulation of user data and guarantee complete confidentiality. Your data is secure in your account, and belongs fully and only to you.

You control access to your data

All accounts in the system are isolated, so users of one account cannot access the information in another. This means that all linguistic resources are only available to you and the users that you authorize.
For Corporate customers, we can configure the ability to manage users via the company's Single Sign-On (SSO) provider. Smartcat currently supports three major authentication systems: ADFS, Azure AD, and Okta. For details, please refer to this article.

Your data is hosted in top-level data centers

With the strictest level of security (Tier IV) in geographically diverse locations, ensuring much higher protection compared to simply using your own office servers. The data centers are SOC-1, SOC-2, and SOC-3 compliant and staffed and monitored 24/7/365.

Your payments are protected

We don’t store your payment data; all payments are executed by our payment partners, each of them holding a certified status with Visa's Global Compliant Provider and Mastercard's SDP.

Translator information is not visible to external users

Yet we reserve the translators’ right to register on the platform as freelancers with a public profile and to use such accounts for personal purposes.

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For our tech-savvy users

Your data is encrypted

Smartcat uses an HTTPS/TLS protocol to protect data in transit between your computer and our servers, and a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) — to protect data at rest. For transmitting payment data, we use a TLS 1.2. protocol and RSA algorithm with a 2048-bit key.

Database backup

Your data is continuously backed up on the database level and is replicated in real time to a Smartcat backup data center. This guarantees we can recover from a complete site failure in our main data center. All infrastructure can be automatically set up in minutes, if needed.

Centralized user access

You can instantly limit access to your account using our centralized user access control. Flexible assignment of access rights allows you to authorize at different levels – down to a single document or linguistic resource.

Internal security policy

Smartcat employees are prohibited from unauthorized access to client data.


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