1,000+ global companies trust Smartcat for AI document translation, including 20% of the Fortune 500

Achieve remarkable KPI results with Smartcat language AI


quality & consistency

AI human workflows guarantee exceptional translations every time.


faster turnaround time

Reduce your translation workflow from weeks or months to days.


more content for the same budget

Scale your translation output without worrying about budgetary restrictions.

Translate any type of file from any platform

Smartcat works with 80+ file types and provides 30+ out-of-the-box integrations with the world’s most popular workplace apps and platforms.

XLIFF file translator

Translate files needed for Articulate Rise 360 and other course autorhing tools.

Google Slides AI translator

Translate your content directly inside Google Slides.

Google Docs AI translator

Get AI-translated content into Google Docs instantly.

Google Sheets AI translator

Instantly translate spreadsheets in Google Sheets or in Smartcat platform for maximum flexibility.

AI video translation

AI-translate video files like M4 and WAV in seconds

Translate subtitle files

Get instant translations of subtitles (SRT, VTT)

AI image translator

Let your images for  AI translations -translate image files in seconds (JPG, JPEG, TIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG, GIF, DCX, JB2, JFIF, and more).

AI PDF translator

Get high-quality PDF translation in seconds and receive your output language files in the same format as your input files.

HTML translator

Translate your website content automatically into any language with Smartcat Website Translator.

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How Smartcat works

Document translation in five simple steps


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Choose languages


Click AI translate


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Cost, time, & quality needn’t be a choice


Faster translation turnaround time

achieved by Smith+Nephew after switching to Smartcat


Cost savings

for Stanley Black & Decker, while increasing quality

31 hours

Of work time saved monthly

For Babbel’s marketing and L&D departments

AI-translate any document now

Simply create your free trial Smartcat account and translate any document in seconds. Smartcat works with over 80 file types, including PDF, DOC, XLS, JPEG, INDD, and XLIFF!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I translate a PDF via AI?

Translate a PDF document in Smartcat in seconds. Simply create your Smartcat account and upload your PDF or multiple PDF documents. Smartcat AI translates your PDF files in seconds and maintains the source document formatting and layout in your output language file.

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What is the best document translator?

Smartcat is trusted by over 1,000 global companies, including 20% of the Fortune 500 list of enterprises, for AI document translation. Smartcat provides cutting-edge AI translation technology by combining automatic translation, generative AI, translation memory, and translation glossary under one single platform. With each new translation, Smartcat AI learns from your edits and applies them. As a result, your quality increases over time. You can build up to consistently achieve 95%+ translation quality with Smartcat AI. Store and easily access all your translated documents in all languages in your online Smartcat library.

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Will AI replace human translators?

For the foreseeable future, human translators still have a crucial role to play in guaranteeing translation quality is as high as possible. While you can use the Smartcat platform only for AI translations, the full and enterprise-grade Smartcat experience is its AI human workflows. This incorporates AI translation and human professional translators to review and edit your documents, sourced from Smartcat Marketplace, the world’s largest network of vetted professional translators in the world. Smartcat also provides services such as manual training of generative AI translation technology.

For highly specialized fields, such as technical, medical, and legal, AI translation can support human translators, but these fields require human expertise. Moreover, such fields are often subject to strict legal and compliance requirements and must be translated by certified expert human translators.

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What are the benefits of AI document translation?

AI document translation provides unparalleled speed, at a far lower cost compared to human translation. Due to advances in technology in recent years, it can now provide a level of quality that is often indistinguishable from human translation.

Translate any document type into any language in seconds with Smartcat AI document translation. Sign up in seconds, drag and drop your files, choose your languages, and click the on-screen translation button. In seconds, you will have your AI document translated into the language of your choice.

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Is there an AI tool that can translate language in video?

Translate your video, audio, and subtitle files in Smartcat in seconds. Get subtitles automatically burned into your target language files, edit your source text before translation, and receive high-quality video translation.

Translate a wide range of multimedia file formats, including SRT, VVT, AVI, MP4, MP3, MPEG, MOV, FLV, and many more.

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What are the benefits of marketing document translation?

Translating marketing documents allows companies to appeal to audiences who don’t speak the same language as the home market language or whose native language is different. Studies show that customer engagement is higher when people are communicated to in their native tongue.

By translating marketing and advertising documents, companies are also able to reuse the same source language marketing materials in other languages and for other markets. Marketing document translation can help power growth and customer retention in other markets too.

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Can translation be automated?

Automate your end-to-end translation workflow with Smartcat language AI.

The level of automation is up to you. You can be the project manager of the translation workflow in Smartcat – which involves defining project settings, uploading documents, reviewing AI translation in Smartcat Editor, assigning professional linguists or inviting in-house collaborators from your team (optional), and overall quality assurance. Aside from the project management, Smartcat manages automatic translation and file reconciliation by producing your files in the same format as your source files.

You can also engage Smartcat to manage your projects for you from start to finish. You would simply send the documents for translation and Smartcat delivers your documents back to you, after AI translation, human review and editing, and linguistic quality assurance.

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