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Anna Toombs

Korean to English MT post-editor
from Seoul




Professional Korean-English translator with an eye for perfection. By perfection, I mean expressing the exact meaning of source text in the target language. I am an expert in literary translation, but also enjoy related subjects such as interviews, tourism, educational materials, and the like. Major Qualifications: M.A. Korean Language and Literature (Modern Korean Literature), Yonsei University TOPIK Level 6

Bureau of visits and conferences

Ukrainian MT post-editor

Translation department of "Bureau of visits and conferences", LLC offers TRANSLATION SERVICES AND EDITING /PROOFREADING. 60 languages! More than 300 translators and interpreters! Russian and Ukrainian native speakers. Furthermore our main department offers comprehensive reception of foreign visitors in Ukraine, planning and preparation of meetings with public officials, manufacturers and suppliers that you’re interested in.

Word Wide Language Services

Polish to Portuguese MT post-editor
from İzmir

Word Wide Language Services was founded in 2015. We provide translation, interpretation, voice-over, media production, localization, and digital marketing services. We make use of the latest in technology and constantly strive for high customer satisfaction. We’ve made working towards specific targets our most important mission. We are the proud holders of two certificates: ISO 9001:2008 and EN17100:2015.

Travod International Ltd

Korean to Russian (Russia) MT post-editor
from London

Serving your translation needs since 2013


English to Serbian (Cyrillic) MT post-editor




Experienced translator since 2000. Work on big software localization projects as translator, reviewer, lead translator or project manager.

Letspeak, Inc

Korean to English (USA) MT post-editor
from Fort Myers

Based in Fort Myers, FL, Letspeak Translation Services is a reliable resource for certified translators, on-site and remote interpreters with the expertise to help you with language barriers. More than 2,500 skilled native linguists stand ready to assist you. Go to for a free quote for your next project. Helping clients since 1999. Entrust your project to our care and we'll ensure your total satisfaction. Visit us at or call us now at 239.274.5700.

Batsukh Khulan

Russian to Mongolian MT post-editor
from Milano




I work as a freelancer and translate various kinds of documents such as diplomas, certificates, contracts, adjudication, and technical documentation in translation bureaus, located in Russia, Mongolia, and Ukraine. For the period from January to April 2017, I was working in a news agency, located in Ulaanbaatar, as a translator of world news articles. I was translating various news from world-famous newspapers into Mongolian.

Larissa Folch

English to Portuguese MT post-editor
from Arujá




Dedicated translator (English to Brazilian Portuguese) with a background in chemical engineering, polymers, cosmetics and a passion for science. Highly professional, fast learner, flexible, dependable and proficient in several CAT tools. Expertise: Engineering, Chemistry, Polymers, Aesthetics, Cosmetics. Skills: Adaptability, Project Management, Good time management.


Korean to English (USA) MT post-editor
from Bilbao

Translation company based in Bilbao (Spain)

Hyojin Hwang



Freelance Translator (Korean to English/English to Korean/Japanese to Korean) Translation and Proofreading M.A. English Literature and Language, Ewha Womans University B.A. English Literature and Language, Ewha Womans University (Double major in Econimics/Minor in East Asia Studies) 2011~ present Freelance Translator : EN/KO/JA Other experiences 2011.01~2011.02 ESL Program Development Assistant (Medaille College/Intern) 2012.03~ 2014.02 Graduate Assistant (Ewha GSIS department office of Int'l Studies/Part-time) 2015.05~ 2016.04 Administrative Staff & Special Program Coordinator (Ewha GSIS main office/Contract) 2018.04~ present QA Analyst (CS) (Transperfect/Freelancer) 2020.05~present Associate Director (USA Language Institute/Contract)

Nishat Salsabil



I am currently an undergraduate student in Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology. My major is Material Science. I studied science in high school. I have also attended online courses on English grammar and writing to improve my language skills. I have good writing skills in Bengali. I work as a Bengali content writer in an organization based on Dhaka. I also worked as a teaching assistant under a science teaching center. I have been working as a freelancer translator since October 2020 under the Mediapoint International company situated in Russia. It has been a good experience as I have got to learn a lot. I am very dedicated towards my work. I communicate well with the customer and learn their requirements and thus work accordingly. I am very sincere about the work deadline. I always try my best to learn more and improve my skills with every ask I am given.

Palex Group Inc.

Palex is an internationally recognized provider of translation and localization solutions for software, electronics and medical device companies, serving more than 80 clients in 39 countries. Since 2002, Palex has provided high-quality technical translation and localization services for companies ranging from start-ups to the Global 500.

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Michelle Quirke

Program Engagement Manager at Topcon

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Gina Groß

eCommerce Team Lead at Wunderman Thompson Commerce Luxembourg

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Smartcat enables seamless communication for us, which is essential when working with such a big team of post-editors, proofreaders, QA specialists, and project managers.

Çiğdem Tura

Operations Manager at Localex

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Smartcat automatic translation human editing FAQ

How do translators use machine translation?

Translators can use machine translation as a way to assist their work. They can input a source text into a machine translation system, which generates an automatic translation in seconds. Human translators then review and edit the output to improve accuracy, nuance, and quality, resulting in a final translated text.

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Is machine translation acceptable in a translator's job?

It can be acceptable in a translator's job if used as a starting point and undergoes thorough post-editing by a human translator. It can help increase translation lifecycle productivity, but the ultimate responsibility for producing accurate and high-quality translations lies with the human translator.

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What are the dangers of machine translation?

The dangers of machine translation include potential inaccuracies, lack of understanding of context, and the possibility of producing mistaken or misleading translations. Machine translation can also fail to capture nuances, cultural references, and idiomatic expressions, leading to a loss of meaning or misinterpretation.

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What are the signs that machine translation is bad?

Signs that machine translation is of poor quality include grammatical errors, incorrect word choices, awkward sentence structures, inconsistent terminology, and an overall lack of fluency or naturalness in the translated text. It may also struggle with preserving the original meaning and tone of the source content.

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Can machine translation ever replace human translators?

While machine translation has advanced significantly, it cannot completely replace human translators. Machine translation may excel in certain domains with repetitive and well-defined texts, but it still struggles with understanding nuances, cultural context, and producing translations of the same quality as a skilled human translator. Human translators bring expertise, creativity, and cultural sensitivity that machines currently cannot replicate.

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How accurate is machine translation?

The accuracy of machine translation varies depending on several factors such as language pair, content type, and the quality of the machine translation system being used. While machine translation has improved over the years, it can still produce errors and inaccuracies, particularly in complex or specialized texts. Human post-editing is crucial to ensure the final accuracy and quality of the translation.

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How can I integrate machine translation into my website?

To integrate machine translation into your website, you can use APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) provided by machine translation providers. These APIs allow you to automatically send text from your website to the machine translation system and retrieve the translated content, which you can then display on your website.

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What's the SEO value of content translated by machines?

Content translated by machines may have limited SEO value if it is not properly post-edited by a human translator. Machine-translated content can contain errors, unnatural phrasing, and incorrect keyword usage, which can negatively impact search engine rankings. Human post-editing is necessary to ensure that the translated content is optimized for SEO and maintains its quality and accuracy.

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