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Patricia Pabst

Spanish to English Translator
from Las Terrenas




I am a native English speaker who lived and worked in France for over 17 years, giving me a native-level command of that language and culture. I'm a veteran translator with over 23 years of experience, specializing in the following areas: Tourism: recent clients include the Eiffel Tower website and the Maison Remy Martin ONGs/Development: Institute of Security Studies and the African Business Summit, Kiva and the Latin American Development Bank, plus a variety of volunteer service experiences in Africa, Central America, and the Caribbean. Environment and Ecology: clients include the One Planet Summit, Energy Observer (the French ambassador project to the Sustainable Development Goals), and Brut Nature, and the Tropical Architecture Institute. Journalism: HuffPost web news and a variety of company newsletters I am open to any offers that require polished and flowing writing and look forward to learning about your projects and contributing to their success!


Spanish to Afrikaans Translator
from Naivasha

By giving you a taste of our local languages,we bring Africa right at your doorstep. Our native linguists will make sure that your translations are accurately done and delivered in time, something we have been doing for the past four years and promise to continue giving our very best.


English to French Translator
from Casablanca




My name is Tarik, I am from Morocco and I have a MBA degree in Marketing and International Business. I am serious and trustworthy, I provide high quality translations thanks to my work methodology and big experience. My motivation is a job well done and my goal is your total satisfaction, for that I offer you my 100% GARANTEE.


Spanish to Spanish (Argentina) Translator

Latamways provides a wide range of quality language-related services to clients around the world by delivering customized solutions that enable their business goals. Our consultative approach along with our agility, scalability, and adaptability makes us a valued strategic partner that you can rely on for your entire project. With more than 20 years of proven experience in the Latin American market, we have garnered recognition from clients around the globe.

Reut Koltzker

English to Hebrew Translator
from beer sheva




I'm an English linguist student and French in the university of Bar Ilan in Ramat Gan, I speak Hebrew as native language, English(C1) and Russian (B2)

angela chung

Chinese (traditional) to English Translator
from Melbourne




10+ years experiences: Certified Cantonese & Mandarin Interpreter; Certified Chinese to/ from English Translator

wordsrevealed LTD

Tibetan to Italian (Italy) Translator
from Dublin

Wordsrevealed was launched in 2010 with the desire to build bridges between cultures and peoples through accurate and reliable communication. Our goal is to see our customers succeed and their products and services excel in new markets. Over the years, we have built a team of first-rate native translators, through a careful selection process, and we are committed to the highest industry standards.

Christopher Flores

Spanish to English Translator
from San Antonio




I am a former U.S. Navy Spanish/Portuguese Linguist with over 17 years experience in Spanish/Portuguese to English translation.


Native translations for marketers who need high-end translations on a tight schedule. Helsinki-based Pauhu was founded in 2008 by CEO Linda Ahlblad. Tel. +358 40 866 8669 –

Proconsensus Translations

Spanish to Polish Translator
from Warsaw

Proconsensus was created out of our inner passion for foreign languages and human communication. We want people to communicate effectively despite the language barriers. We believe that this will make the world a better place, your business will thrive and you will be well understood 😉 ! All translations are always made by professional translators fluent in both target and source language, having expertise in a given field, showing know-how on translation tools and sources of expert knowledge.


Spanish to Spanish (Spain) Translator
from Delaware

Texliff is a translation services provider with a network of 3,000+ translators and offers translation, localization, and transcreation services in 70+ languages. We combine the power of our language and quality assurance tools with the ability of our carefully vetted linguists in order to meet the needs of our clients from all corners of the world and to raise the standards in the language services industry.

ayse acar

English to French Translator
from lyon




I am an independent translator of Turkish origin born in France. So, my mother tongues are French and Turkish, and my English level is very good. My translation languages are Eng and Tr to Fr I do not use an assisted translation program. I work with the manual method, I prefer, but it does not bother me to translate about 2000 words a day, sometimes more, sometimes less, it goes away from the content of the text. I work at home so am always available and therefore very responsive. I already work with agencies, and everything is going well, so why not with you? As we say in a French proverb at home, nothing ventured, nothing gained. So I try my luck TOEIC 880 references : Karzey traduction Email: Translate in Istanbul: Tel: 0216 688 80 85 email: Textum: email: IMGE: tel: +90 544 741 1061 email: Avrasya traduction Somya Translation Lotus Translation

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Searching for translation services doesn’t have to be work-intensive, admin-ridden, and require you to jump through hoops. Even without little translation or HR knowledge, the Smartcat Marketplace makes hiring instantly easier with our talent pool of 500,000+ vetted translators and AI matching.

Pre-vetted specialization matching with AI sourcing

Smartcat’s unique & proprietary AI automatically identifies subject matter expert translators based on analysis of your content and the translators’ category knowledge, past performance, and quality.

The ease of use, the support that Smartcat provides, and the ability to source freelance translators or vendors from within the same platform make Smartcat a great platform. It’s everything I need is in one solution.

Michelle Quirke

Program Engagement Manager at Topcon

Get subject matter accuracy and quality

Quality and factuality are the top concerns of modern companies. The Smartcat platform provides the best professional translators for your specific project by subject verticals and disciplines, such as dental, legal, marketing, and many more.

Having access to such a large pool of qualified translators was a turning point for us. It meant we could find the right translator for any language pair and content type without spending hours researching or onboarding suppliers.

Julia Emge

Head of Translations at expondo

Ensure fast turnaround times and cost savings

No matter how much content volumes increase, you won’t have to sacrifice on quality. Smartcat combines Marketplace-vetted language professionals and AI algorithms to create collaborative, adaptive workflows and learning loops. 


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Align translator rates with your budget, not the other way around

Do you need to hire professional translators, but have fixed budgets? With Smartcat, translators offer transparent and competitive rates. Plus, opting for post-editing services of Smartcat AI automatic translations cuts costs by up to 80%.

Get the best rates

Control access to your corporate intelligence

Not only is Smartcat 100% encrypted, data-secure, and SOC III certified, by hiring translators from our Marketplace, you have control over who sees your content. Translators can’t reach out to you directly via email or gain access to your internal systems – work is 100% confined to our platform for your safety.

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Finding translators is only half the battle. Smartcat doubles as a unified procurement platform, meaning you can leave the admin hoop-jumping to us. You only need one agreement and one invoice to pay all suppliers, and no more than a click to set it in motion.

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The easy-to-use Smartcat payment system simplifies the project management and payment processes.

Gina Groß

eCommerce Team Lead at Wunderman Thompson Commerce Luxembourg

One platform for all your translation projects

Easy onboarding

  • No special training required

  • Instant access to translation resources

  • Out of the box integrations with 30+ third party software and tools

Collaborative workflows

  • Unlimited users, invite your entire team

  • Simultaneous editing and commenting

  • Collaborative workspace for your teams, contributors, and translators

Project management

  • Live progress tracking

  • Freelancer capacity evaluation

  • On-demand full automation

Payment automation

  • Payments to internal and external suppliers

  • One invoice for all tasks and suppliers

  • Supports nearly all currencies

Smartcat enables seamless communication for us, which is essential when working with such a big team of post-editors, proofreaders, QA specialists, and project managers.

Çiğdem Tura

Operations Manager at Localex

 Find the best translator for each language pair with Smart AI matching

Smartcat Marketplace FAQ

What file types does the Smartcat translation platform support?

Smartcat supports more than 50 file types, including PDF, DOC, Slides, etc., and we add to this list whenever a new one becomes available or by request from our clients – our job is to make your life easier, and that starts with extensive file support!

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How to find a translation service provider on Smartcat?

Enter your needed language pairs, needed subject matter, and other criteria into the form, and you will see your matches instantly.

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What is marketing translation?

Professional translators usually focus on one specialization to ensure they are experts in a specific subject matter. Marketing translators are great at translating copywriting, transcreation, and adapting key messaging that will engage potential clients for their specific locale. B2B marketing translators are in high demand, and can help your company acquire marketing leads that drive your business.

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Are financial translation services available on the platform?

Financial services or financial technologies are complex fields that require a lot of attention and a deep understanding of economics, finances, payments, and even digital currencies, like cryptocurrencies. Financial translators need to master these topics as well as have knowledge around policies, regulation, trading, and other related global matters.

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Does Smartcat offer medical translation?

Medical translation is a specialization that requires extreme care and caution, seeing as it deals with people’s health, and is often a matter of life or death. A false translation could lead to incorrect medicine being induced or the wrong surgery completed. It’s no laughing matter. That’s why it’s important to work only with translators who have the correct medication translation credentials and experience. You can find medical translators in the Smartcat marketplace.

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Does Smartcat offer certified translation services?

Yes, there are certified translators at the Smartcat Marketplace. Check out the translator's profile to learn more about their education and expertise. 

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What are the benefits of Smartcat over other marketplaces?

The Smartcat marketplace is a lot more user-friendly than most. complicated. translator platforms with outdated UIs and complicated processes. Our Marketplace offers a great user experience that focuses on ease, quality, and speed.

We also offer you transparency that isn’t offered by language services agencies or vendors. You can easily view translator profiles, experiences, and ratings, and make your own decision about which translators you work with. You can also do a round of testing if you want further assurance before signing an agreement.

The Smartcat Marketplace uses AI sourcing to find you a translator based on your specific needs. AI analyzes your content, and provides you with a vetted language professional. This person can work collaboratively with AI translations to improve speed, output, and quality. 

And finally, thanks to our unified procurement platform, we take care of all paperwork for you. You sign one agreement and use one invoice to pay all of the suppliers and translators. Smartcat does the rest.

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Can I combine AI translation with a professional translator’s review?

Smartcat AI combines machine translation and a layer of human editing. AI uses algorithms, translation memories, glossaries, and more, to produce high quality translations instantly. The vetted translators complete post-editing to check and approve translations.

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How much does translation cost on Smartcat?

Smartcat offers both automated and human document translation services at the best rates in the industry. You buy Smartwords, which pays for all the automation that Smartcat has to offer. Check our subscriptions page to see the different pricing points.

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What languages are supported on Smartcat Marketplace?

The Smartcat Marketplace houses translators that offer translation and localization services in 250+ languages. Of course, our translation platform and collaborative TMS (translation management system) support all the same languages.

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Can I translate on Smartcat for free?

Smartcat provides all registered users some free Smartwords that you can use to access automated translation and other Smartcat features. These are intended to let you uncover the full potential of the product. However, you can’t pay for human translation services with Smartwords.

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I’m a freelance translator. How can I find clients on Smartcat Marketplace?

Choose one of your preferred methods:

  1. 1) Fill in your client profile and wait to be chosen by clients. The more details you include the better. 

2) Check your language pair for work that’s been requested. Be the first to reply for better chances of getting the task. 

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Can a translation agency create a profile on Smartcat Marketplace?

Yes. You are welcome to create a corporate account and fill in your profile by adding your company logo, description, the list of online translation services you offer, contact details, and so on. You can also upload a portfolio and highlight past successful projects to attract more clients.

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